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    What is the Cause of: Parameter is Incorrect error

      Using XP, RH6, RoboSource Control

      I had posted previously inquiring about the "Parameter is Incorrect" error occurring when selecting the Printed Documentation option on the Primary Layout list. Clicking OK did not clear the error, and had to terminate RH in Task Manager. After reopening the project the error still occurred. The resolution posted to that was deleting the PSS file from my PC (the file was/is not on the RoboSource machine). Which did clear the problem.

      The problem came back after about a month. I'm just trying to determine if there is a know reason for this error? Is it a workflow issue, or a bug, or ??

      Thanks for any help that can be offered.

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          Gravenstein Level 2
          The problem I ran into was the following line in the PSS file:

          If the pathname didn't match up to reality on my PC, then I'd get errors. The reason for the pathname not matching up was that the project had been moved from one location to another. There are other paths listed in that file, but RH seems to handle those a little better.

          Take a look using Notepad and see if the RoboHHRE.lng file is indeed located where the PSS file says it is. If not, then go ahead and delete the PSS file again. If it is, then you have a different issue.

          I suppose I'd classify this as a bug, but at least there's a workaround.

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            tojo45 Level 1
            Thanks for the response. The only thing in the PSS at this time are "target" entries for each Printed Documentation option, with a corresponding SSLayoutTYpe setting. But I'll keep this note and check when and if the error returns.