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    Preventing PHP script from loading the actual page

    Baal Bebb Level 1

      In my ActionScript 2 code it send the data to a php script but then loads the actual script into the browser which just shows a blank page. I don't want to load the processing script into the browser at all. How do I prevent this?


      Here's my actionscript:


      var submitListener:Object = new Object();


      submitListener.click = function(evt:Object) {
      fname2 = fname.text;
      lname2 = lname.text;


      var send_lv:LoadVars = new LoadVars();


      send_lv.fname = fname.text;
      send_lv.lname = lname.text;
      send_lv.email = email.text;
      send_lv.dept = dept.text;
      send_lv.campus = campus.text;
      send_lv.uaid = uaid.text;
      send_lv.phone = phone.text;


      send_lv.send("http://distance.uaf.edu/ferpa/process.php", "POST");




      submit_button.addEventListener("click", submitListener);