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    Adobe Encoder  Keeps Crashing.  Won't Update.


      I'm working with Premier Pro 4.1.0.  Everytime I try and send media to Export it does not open Encoder automatically.  I need to open it and when I do I see my files ready for the Que.  When I click them to render it instantly fails.


      I doubt this has to do with my video settings.  I'm just exporting a test video since this is my first time using Encoder.  I notice that I'm running Encoder 4.0.374?  I have downloaded the 4.0.1 update through encoder over and over and it when I put in my password to get it to download it says "finished" but technically it fails.  It still says I'm running the oder version.  So I find the downloaded driver through finder and try to manually upload it and it gives me this every time.  (see photo)


      Can Somebody help me out?