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    Rendering...Utilization of All 4 Intel Cores..


      I recently noticed that my 4 core processor was not being utilizes during rendering. I am on PPro CS4 latest version. Today my rendering of a simple mov  clip (:20) with only a time speed up effect took 10 minutes to render. I opened up Windows task manager to check performance and I noticed only the 4th core really being utilized. It was about 49-53%....The other 3 were 5-10%. When I was on CS3, all 4 cores were 80-100% utilization on rendering.. Called tech support and they said that CS4 will "probably" do what I stated about core performance. Support said this is do due the new "interface" of CS4. I find that hard to believe.


      1) Has any one experienced this performance?

      2) Any work arounds available.....



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