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    Printing from AI to a Laserjet

    Pete Coco



      I'm an amateur so please forgive me if this is a silly question. I am using Illustrator to design a brochure for my business, and I am printing to a Brother Laserjet printer. When I print a test page from the machine, it comes out crisp and the text is extremely clear. When I print from Illustrator, however, the text appears a bit pixellated, like it is slightly out of focus. I've tried different media and get the same result.


      I think I'm exporting it wrong, but that's my question. I've tried creating outlines, rasterizing the brochure, and flattening it, as well as printing the AI file without doing any of those things, but it looks the same. I've also made sure the output of the printer is set to the highest dpi, and set for the specific media. Should I be printing from a different program, or am I missing something in my exporting of the file to the printer?


      Any help would be great!