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    Object imports with Namespaces

    Christine Panus

      Is there any way to declare a name space for a main package folder and import all the subdirectories and action script files within that package?

      For example if I have the following packages:



      • User.as
      • Company.as
      • Address.as
      • Communication.as
      • ContactManagerService.as


      • Static.as
      • Attachment.as
      • Text.as
      • ContentService.as


      I’d like to declare the namespace xmlns:domain="com.domain.*"


      Then all of my calls to the services would be in the domain namespace


      <s:CallResponder id="getUserDataResult"/>

      <domain:ContactManagerService … />

      <s:CallResponder id="getStaticDataResult"/>

      <domain:ContentService … />


      Is there some way to accomplish this syntax or do I have to have a new namespace for each folder containing services that I wish to call?