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    newb q: Global scale down of entire clip and objects?


      Hi folks, I've been using AE for about 6 months at work and I finally scraped up enough to get my own authentic, licensed version of CS4 (Oh what a feeling, YES!)


      I have a newbie question that I hope you can forgive. I've been searching the AE Help, the FAQ, community help and other resources and maybe I'm not using the right terminology, but I just can't find the answer if it exists.


      Is there any way to take a 1280 x 720 project file and all of it's objects (jpg's, cameras, lights, etc) down to 320 x 240 (for the web) with one or just a few commands? In other words, is there a way to do it without going into each object and resizing separately?


      I exported it at 1280 x 720 as an FLV and brought it into Flash and resized it there, but the file size remained huge (4009kb). I thought if I scaled it down in AE, exported to Flash, the file size would be smaller.


      Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.