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    ACR 5.4 not active in user account, but IS in admin account?


      I created a new user account on an Intel Mac Pro running OS 10.5.8. Camera Raw is not available in either Bridge or Photoshop. I can acess ACR in Bridge and Photoshop when logged in to the admin account. Here is a very curious thing. The file path to the ACR plug-in is:


      root/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins/CS4/File Formats/amera Raw.plugin


      When I view the ACR plugin in the Finder from the admin account, I see the icon for ACR and the file info etc. that same file path when viewed from the new user acount shows a blank icon and the file size says "Zero KB on disk." So for some reason ACR is not being recognized as a plug-in in the new user account.


      I have repaired permissions, and even went in to change permission for ACR to "read&write" for everyone. How can I get ACR to function in a user account?