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    Why doesn't Elements 6 import videos from iPhone 3GS

    kenmanblue Level 1

      I've used Photoshop Elements 6 for quite some time to import pictures taken on my iPhone.   Now that I have the new iPhone 3GS which takes videos, it would be nice to import them, just as I import the still pictures.


      But if there are videos on the phone, when the import program starts (equivalent of clicking Files, Get Photos and Videos) I get a message that says "this device does not contain any supported media".  I don't understand why.   Interestingly, if I use WIndows explorer, and manually copy the video files from my iphone to a directory on my hard drive, I can then use the import program (File, Get Photos and VIdeos) and import those videos from a directory on my hard drive. 


      Does anyone have an idea as to why it won't import the files directly from the phone?