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    AddEventListener Error 1119


      I have created my custom component and my custom event, but when i add an addEventListener i get an 1119 error. Please help me!!!!!!!




      package classes.CustomEvents
          import classes.ValueObjects.Usuario;
          import flash.events.Event;


          public class AuthEvent extends Event   
              public var authUser:Usuario;
              public function AuthEvent(type:String, authUser:Usuario)
                  this.authUser = authUser;
              override public function clone():Event{
                  return new AuthEvent(type, authUser);


      Custom Component


              [Event(name="authCustomEvent", type="classes.CustomEvents.AuthEvent")]


      var authUserEvent:AuthEvent = new AuthEvent("authCustomEvent", usuario);



      Main File

      canvasLogin.addEventListener(AuthEvent.AUTH_CUSTOM_EVENT, authEventHandler); //Error


      1119: Access of possibly undefined property AUTH_CUSTOM_EVENT through a reference with static type Class.



      Can someone help me???????