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    Over Clocking my P6T/i7 920 system - just for fun!

    nados Level 1

      Hi all,


      After some guidence from Harm, i had my P6T / i7 920 system running at 3.6GHZ. But its kind of scary tweaking things manually. So i read up on DOCP and XMP OCing. I decided to try XMP since memory parameters and cpu ratio are automatically optimized.



      I set the AI Tweaker to XMP and set the BCLK to 200.  The system is running at 4.0GHZ and temperatures appear reasonable for a stock i7 920 cpu fan. With a better cpu fan/heat sink, I'm sure i could get the temperature down to about 5 degrees instead of the 15 degrees i'm getting from ambient. So far the system also appears stable.


      I have attached the Stats while running at 4.0GHZ and transcoding 1440x1080 HDV in En CS4.:


      Capture.JPGCapture4.JPG Capture3.JPGCapture2.JPG



      The only thing i don't understand, is why SpeedFan reports cpu core temps at about 10 degrees celsius cooler than CPUID Hardware Monitor does?