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    Adobe Media Encoder refuses to encode for Quicktime


      Dear all,


      I have huge headaches with Premiere and I hope you can help me out! I have done a couple of fairly basic Premiere project (less than 5 minutes, all with jpegs, not real videos - it's for a slideshow to be projected using a video projector). Using Premiere CS4 is relatively easy but I have the following issue:


      Everytime I try to enconde a project to Quicktime using AME (version 4.1.0), AME launchs itself, the project appears, ME launchs the encoding which inevitably ends up in just 2 seconds! On AME side, it appears there is no error (status bar is green) but of course, nothing was encode and no movie file (.mov) ever appears.


      The thing I noticed is that if I encode to Quicktime using one of the a DV Pro preset, AME encodes without any problem but if I want to use a specific size or one of the codec not covered by DV Pro (such as .H264 or MPEG4), then the same problem inevitably arrives.


      For info, I m using

      - Windows Vista 64bits (Home Premium SP1) on a Intel Core i7 CPU (2.93 Mhz) with 12GB of RAM and plenty of Hard Disk space

      - AME version 4.1.0 and Premiere Pro CS4 (also 4.1.0)


      I would really appreciate your help





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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          I would really appreciate your help


          You may not like it, but my advice is to just not use Quicktime.  Macs suck.  Quicktime is a Mac thing.  Just never use it.  Don't even install it.

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            ericdugard Level 1

            ah! ah! yes good idea but... around me everybody is using quicktime it seems...

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              Hate to bring out this old gem but, if everyone around you is jumping off a bridge onto a concrete highway, you gonna do that to?


              Forget what others do, you do the right thing.  And the right thing is to avoid all things Mac.


              It's a PC world we're livin' in.  Mac folks need to get used to it.  And whenever you see someone else doing the wrong thing by using Quicktime, or even (God forbid) actually using a Mac, well...you just go ahead and straighten them out.  Bring 'em back into the light.  And we can all live in a happy world where every hard drive is formatted as NTFS and everyone's files work on everyone else's computer, just as it should be.


              And then the real battle can begin - getting rid of all those Pepsi drinkers!

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                shooternz Level 6

                Unfortunately or maybe otherwise...it's not entirely a PC world as Jim sees it because Jims world revolves around his  comfortable  "known world" of DV and I-frame media. I would suggest his clients are not as demanding as my own who have moved forward from SD and DV even if they were ever there in the first place.


                I integrate my suites with professional post productions houses and they all use Macs in the processes that I require... so it becomes part of my workflow by neccessity. (FWIW : broadcast television brand commercials  shot HD on 35mm film or HD file-based media workflows)


                For the record.  I am not a fan of MACs myself but what ever..I need to get the job done so I get on a do it...


                I  also integrate with professional creative artists on MACs and PCs. There are no issues in this regard that can not be easily managed.


                I have no problems exporting HD Qt (.mov) from my PC in AME.


                There are no issues of quality or process (apart from the know "gamma thing" and I can accomodate that in my own export process).


                I have no idea why you can not export to QT but if you need to... you need to ..so you need to do a few experiments to get to the base of the issue.


                Could be hardware, software or operator error...

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Don't try to encode to QT from PR. Jim is right. An alternative could be to use Sorenson or QT Pro and encode with the Animation codec.