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    FileReference upload to tomcat (spring) result in 2038


      Hi there,


      When I perform FileReference.upload(), error #2038 File/IO error returns. This issue happens to Firefox on Mac.


      The issue is cause by FileReference.upload() is not sending the basic authentication existed in the browser, to the server (tomcat). For example, when user user is login to the server with basic authentication, HTTPService will use the authentication info to make subsequent request. However, FileReference() do not.


      So is there a way to work around the issue?

      1. If we use HTTPService instead, how can we upload multipart form without getting access to read the entire content? Only Adobe AIR can access the bytes of the content.

      2. If we push credential header to the URLRequest(), FileReference.upload() will ignore those headers.

      3. If we use a sessionID in the URL of the URLRequest to identify the user, that means a user can fake the sessionID and login on behalf of another user.


      From livedocs and flex docs, this seems to be by design. But I need my application can upload content. Please if anyone knows any workaround, really appreciate for any comments


      Thanks in advance,