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    Issues in CS Help Output in RoboHelp 7




      I am using RoboHelp 7 for developing FlashHelp, which is working perfectly fine. However, the CS Help is not working fine and I have tried Google and a few other forums but it didn't help. The issues are:


      One, I see the CS Help only in FireFox, but not in IE8 or IE6. Please suggest how I can see that.

      Two, the default pop-up window is seen in bottom-right corner. I used all possible options in Edit Window properties in Robo (such as WithNavPane) but for all values, the CS popup is always displayed in same size and at same location (bottom-right corner). Though I can drag it, I want to specify the default size and position.

      Three is for FlashHelp, how can I remove the browser toolbar, menubar and such options from the FlashHelp? I could not find it in RoboHelp project manager or project set-up.


      Thank you for your time.