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    column chart variable column width in a series

    Varun Bajaj (PHP)

      Hi All


      I am having an array as dataProvider for my column chart where some values are null. Is there any way through which i can define my null values as 0 column width or remove columns from series. sample array as follows -


      <arr X="something" S0Y0="5" S0Y1="3" S1Y0="2" />

      <arr X="something" S0Y0="3" S0Y1="" S1Y0="7" />

      <arr X="something" S0Y0="5" S0Y1="5" S1Y0="" />

      <arr X="something" S0Y0="" S0Y1="3" S1Y0="" />

      <arr X="something" S0Y0="7" S0Y1="4" S1Y0="6" />



      Null values create a hole in column series so all i need to remove the gap in my series.


      any help is highly needed.



      thanks and regards,


      Varun Bajaj