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    preSubmit event and mandatory

    Paul Butenko Level 3


      I've designed one questionary form. On this form i have radiobuttons groups with preSubmit event which makes it mandatory depends on some condition.

      So? if I'll try to submit form and this radiobuttons are emty they should become mandatory and gives me the message - "at least one requered field...".

      But there one problem, it is not working properly - fields becomes mandatory but i didn't receive message and form can be posted with empty fields.


      Test case:


      1) open form

      2) fill out questions 33,34,35

      3) press submit  and press yes

      4) it will ask you to submit form, but on the form there are mandatory unfilled radiobuttons.


      What is the problem? Why mandatory fields ignored?



      Thanks in advance,

      Paul Butenko