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    Open pdf  problem


      Server config : windows server 2003 , iis 6.0


      When the client (use IE 7.0)  download a pdf file  some error occur :


      If the pdf file size smaller than 500KB , it can open through the IE .

      If the pdf file size larger than 500KB , it can not open through the IE . The IE load very very long time and then the screen became white.


      However , if choose save the target , it can save the file in my PC and the file( larger than 500KB ) can open.

      Another method to open the file , change the pdf preferences. Set do noth open the pdf through the IE.

      What happen?? I don't know how to trouble shoot it.




      *p.s. Someone teach me use other pdf reader open the file through IE , it was success.

              What different between the pdf reader software.