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    How can you update the content of a textfield in a dynamic xml form from MSAccess and VBA


      I am trying to use the code below to update a field in a dynamic xml form created by Livecycle.

      I can read the field content but cannot change it.



      What am I missing?







      Sub test()

      Dim oPDF As AcroPDDoc
      Dim FileDestName As String
      Dim jso As Object
      Dim ofld As Object

          FileSrcName = "C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\ADOBE Forms\NoVB.pdf"

          Set oPDF = CreateObject("AcroExch.PDDoc")

          Set jso = oPDF.GetJSObject
          Set ofld = jso.getfield("form1.TopForm.Header.Subform1.Contact")
          Debug.Print ofld.Value

           ofld.Value = "HHH"

          Debug.Print ofld.Value

      oPDF.Save PSsavefull, FileSrcName
      Set jso = Nothing
      Set oPDF = Nothing


      End Sub