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    .SWF Load Transition

      I have a flash document i am creating, and thanks to the guys on this site, i was able to implement a loadMovie code that made it so when i clicked a button, an External .swf file plays on my stage and it works awesome.

      The next thing i am trying to do is give those external .swf files transitional behavior. So that when the button is clicked, the .swf flies in from the right and stays. Then when the next button is clicked, i want the .swf file to fly out making room for the next .swf file. Here is the button actionscript for the movie load thanks to the help of Mr. Mooster

      on (release) {

      Thanks for any help
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          crazyjoemilan Level 2
          okay, so you can do this a few ways, I'll try to explain an easy one.

          build 1 movie clip, call it pageHolder
          make sure you name the instance "pageHolder" not just the symbol name.
          inside it, build another movie clip. give this MC a color field the size of the .swf that will be imported (or close to).
          name the instance of that MC "mclip"
          Animate that clip using tweens. Have it stop() on the first frame, fly in, stop() in the middle, and when called to, have it fly out again.

          Then your code will look like this...

          on(release) {

          mclip.loadMovie("page1.swf"); can go on the first frame of pageHolder.

          You of course can do other things to alter the look and feel, but this should be a good start.