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    [AA7+] [Windows] Set default text size for "auto" setting...

    Theresa V.

      Good morning:


      I was wondering if it is possible to set the default font size or specify a maximum font size
      for the auto setting of the font size on a text field when using the auto setting?



      Currently, if the font size is set to "auto" it defaults to 12 pt. text if multiline is checked on the Options tab.
      If multiline is not checked on the Options tab, the font size will adjust to the height of the box.
      I would like to have the multiline checked, specify "auto" for the font size, but have the auto font size be no larger than 8 pts.
      It can go smaller than 8 pts. if there is too much text in the field, but should not be larger than 8 pts. because the other form fields are in 8 pt.


      If someone has any suggestions on how to achieve this, I would be most appreciative.