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    Layers and Tools Association

    Tom Preb

      It would be awesome to have the abilty to associate tools/brush/presets with layers when running actions.  In an action you may do cloning on one layer, when you click on that layer the clone tool (or preset) is selected.  On another layer you might have a curves adjustment and when you click on that layer the brush tool (or brush preset) is selected.  This would save  a LOT of repeated clicks or selecting of tools, especially when processing many images as in weddings.


      I don't think this is possible with scripting -I am script challenged!


      Would this be helpful to you?  Is it something that should be implemented in Photoshop?   Or, would it be possible with scripting?

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          Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

          Been thinking this one through, and its actually a really good idea. Not sure if the idea itself is related to ACTIONS at all though.


          To have tools (and tool settings/presets), associated with layers would be a huge time saver.  As an example - this is a cloning layer, (clone stamp current and below)  this is a Dodge layer (masking brush at 20%), this is a painting layer (noise brush, pressure sensitive)


          As an option toggleable in the toolbar maybe, when its ON the tools auto-switch when you switch layers, and when its OFF it behaves as normal. These defaults could also be saved as part of the file structure, with minimum file size overhead.


          Of course it is possible to make Actions that will select a tool preset and activate a specific layer by name, so you can generate more efficient workflows this way. But it would make the whole thing a lot more user friendly as an option, and could save a lot of time for a lot of people.