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    Interesting! how to embed a 3D object into a 3D world in Flash

    alex_p_howard Level 1

      hi guys, I am starting a "simple" project, where like I said, I want to embed a 3D object in the 3D stage.


      It is actually 3 letters, like "SHQ" all in capitals.  These can be made with 3D lines and fills and I guess made into mc's.


      But the really tricky part as I see it, is that each of these block letters has to sit flat with the Y-axis.  Like hiding flat in the desktop.

      So when the mouse rolls over each letter they jump out at the user.  And gets larger as if to be closer to the screen.


      This is an experts sort of question, and it should be entirely different because we are now using CS4.


      where the really good guys hang out, really appreciate this one guys,