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    Filter function causing 0 items in combo box

    nikos101 Level 2

      HI there, I have combobox with the dataProvider set up like below

          <mx:ComboBox rowCount="10" id="selectUser" 
                          dataProvider="{VO.getInstance().clientsResultForAddTrade}" width="258"
                          x="28" y="10" >        



      in the VO class I have some code that calls the filter function (when clientsResultForAddTrade is refreshed in the clientsDataChangeHandler) when the clientsResultForAddTrade data changes.





            private function clientsDataChangeHandler( event:PropertyChangeEvent ):void{

              public function VO(caller:Function=null)
                  if (caller != VO.getInstance)
                      throw new Error("Singleton is a singleton class, use getInstance() instead");
                  if (VO.instance != null)
                      throw new Error("Only one Singleton instance should be instantiated");
                  //put instantiation code here
                  clientsResultForAddTrade.filterFunction = clientAuthorisedFilterFunction;
                   activityWatcher = ChangeWatcher.watch( this, "clientsResultForAddTrade", clientsDataChangeHandler);

                  private function clientAuthorisedFilterFunction(item:Object):Boolean
                      var b:Boolean =  item.status == 'Authorised';
                      return item.status == 'Authorised';



      However there are 0 items in the selectUser combobox after the filter function is called, I have checked that it returns true when item.status == 'Authorised'


      Please advise, 10 points available