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    Test/Export Error


      I'm currently getting the error: "Error creating Flash Movie. There was not enough memory available" when I try and export or test my .fla file, which is just a high quality video embedded into the timeline. (Imported in from DV avi format)


      Its roughly 170megs in size and the process caps at about 630,000 meg usage k even though there is still 2 megs available.


      Through some reading of other sites the suggestions has been to try break it down, but this is only 2mins of footage and so its not really reasonable, on top of this other suggestions have included to not embed it but have it run seperately(both of which aren't really feasible, especially in the latter case as I need the video to be highly interactive and as such need more functionality than play/stop)


      Is there a solution to this or is it a terminal 'bug' or similar.


      Edit: Sorry forgot to mention, using Adobe Flash CS3 Professional