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    Semi-collapsible AdvancedDataGrid



      I have an AdvancedDataGrid. When you expand a row, a horizontal list of charts
      displays. The row is about 200px tall.

      When you collapse the row, I don't want it to collapse all the way. Instead, I'd
      like to collapse it to about 50px tall and render a much smaller version of the
      chart ( a thumbnail ).

      Is this possible? Do I have to override the displayItemsExpanded() method? Or,
      can I have some rows not be groups?

      Any tips are very much appreciated.

      Thank you.

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          fu-meng Level 1

          I just perused the AdvancedDataGrid class in the hopes of overriding the itemOpen and itemClose handlers but I don't see anything in there that'll help me in preventing the entire thing from collapsing. It's the same thing with HierarchicalCollectionView openNode() and closeNode() methods. I don't seem to have any access to the rowHeight or contents.


          Is there some kind of closed state or default rowHeight that I'm not seeing?