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    AJA Kona LHe + Premiere Pro 4.1


      I'm working with a Mac Pro with an AJA Kona LHe card that is plugged into a Betacam SP deck (component).  Question I have is in the setup.  I have the latest 7.0 drivers from AJA Kona and the latest Adobe CS4 plugins that they have from their website.  What I have working is the ability to view the output from my sequence onto the Betacam SP deck onto a TV set that as my preview monitor.  However...  I just can't capture any video.  In the AJA Quicktime Capture setup menu, when I have Component Betacam selected as a the Video Input it just puts itself as Single Link SDI.  Any change to Video Input I make it just automatically puts itself as Single Link SDI, weird.  Anyone seen this happen to them with their AJA Kona cards?


      To make this even stranger...  Photoshop CS4 works just fine with this setup.  I can preview what I'm working on to the preview monitor that is attached to the Betacam SP deck.  I don't get it...



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          Ugh, this driving me crazy...  LOL


          Ok.  With the way it was setup in the earlier post, I was never able to capture video...only audio.  So, now I figured out how to capture video.  Instead of using the Aja Quicktime setup, I just used Quicktime ... however ... I can only capture video, no audio!  Aghhhhhhh... 

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            Just another update regarding this...  I've got it working.  What I had to do was revert back to the older drivers for the Kona card, v6.03 and revert back to the older CS4 Kona plugin.  I am able to capture video and audio from the BetaSP deck.  BUT...  There's a slight problem.  Basically, when I punch in an IN and OUT timecode on the tape for capture, it begins capturing when you see the deck in the middle of finding its IN point.  So basically when I capture I see in the captured video, the rewinding/fast fowarding of the tape and a everything else.  It's a little annoying.