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    Nikon D300 Camera Raw 4.6 Question


      Hello All,


      I have Photoshop CS3 and am using a Nikon D300 camera.  I've downloaded and installed the 4.6 version of the Camera Raw plug-in, but it doesn't seem to allow me to open my raw files in 16-bit; i.e., the only option is creating an 8-bit file.  I just installed the DNG converter and took a shot at opening one of the DNG files, but, once again, the plug-in will only create an 8-bit version.  Nikon's Capture NX seems to be the only way I can make my adjustments to my raw file and open the image in Photoshop as a 16-bit file.


      Am I missing something here or are Camera Raw 4.6 and Photoshop CS3 limited in their ability to handle Nikon D300 raw files?


      Thank you so much for your advice!