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    File Storage - Duplication - Common Files?


      I just got Production Premium Loaded about 3 weeks ago. Imported 13.7GB of Raw footage from my Cannon HF100 I started practicing. I have a 150GB 7200rpm hard drive for my main C drive, it was at about 60GB when I got all the raw footage on it and started doing work on the footage using Premiere Pro, After Effects and Soundboth.


      Today, I tried to do a disk clean, and my Norton told me I did not have the 15% free space needed...I looked and sure enough my C drive was filled to 140GB. I started snooping around and noticed that in my C drive under program Files, I have my Adobe Folder where I installed the CS4 to for 7.72GB, and then a Common Files folder that had another Adobe folder in it for a total of 3.35 GB. Furthermore, I found a folder at the following location where XXXXX is my user name:


      C:\Documents and Settings\XXXXX\Application Data\Adobe\Common


      This location has a folder called Media Cache Files that is a wopping 57.4 GB in size.


      I haven't learned anthing yet about cleaning up files yet...is there something I'm missing here? should I be deleting out this folder every now and then?


      Stuart Rymer