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    Flex app won't automatically play in Firefox




      I've been having a problem that's I just can't seem to progress on and  hope that maybe someone here can help me out.


      If you look at http://www.batstrading.co.uk/market_data/price_improvement/,  there's a Flex 3 applicationthat for some reason, in Firefox, you need to right click and then Play to  get the app to initialise and run. The strange thing is, it appears to  happen only on this server (it plays automatically from my development  machine).


      I used to use the Adobe supplied JS and had modified that to ensure it  passed through the play="true" attribute to the embed tag, but that  didn't work. Looking through various posts, I found SWFObject, which  seemed to be a much nicer approach and have switched to that, but also  to no avail.


      I have tried setting autostart=true, autoload=true, autoplay=true and  play=true (in both flashvars and params - flashvars seems wrong to me,
      but I saw that in an example), but this isn't helping.


      Any ideas?


      Aaron Watkins