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    RoboHelp 8 - script tool to replace URLs

    pjv@gs Level 1

      I just converted a project from RoboHelp 7 to RoboHelp 8.  We have bunch of URLs that needed to be replaced with new URLs so I tried out the 'Link Converter.jsx" script in the Script Explorer. Followed the instructions as provided in the 4/27/09 Weekly Skills & Drills from Kevin Siegel at Iconlogic.


      The conversion worked fine when the URL was in a topic. However, the hour glass did not display when I selected to run the script. It only appeared after I clicked on a topic or somewhere in the GUI. The process to find the topics to change took awhile but I did get the save messages.


      Problem is that we also have URLs that need to be changed that are in snippets.  When I ran the converter to replace a URL in a snippet, nothing happened. After clicking somewhere else in the GUI, I saw the hourglass but it just ran for awhile and then vanished. No "not found" message appeared.


      I tried this several times and then I got an "out of memory" window along with an exceptions error window. See attached.


      Not sure if this is a bug or just a problem because I ran too many link converter scripts in a row. Ran one that worked on about 8 topics and tried the snippet replacement twice because I wasn't sure it had run.

      out of memory error and exception.jpg