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    position of component buttons off artboard

    trancepriest Level 1

      Does Flash Catalyst support positioning of component buttons off the artboard? I have an image that I would like to scroll with a vertical scroller and then embed external url click links. The page that I'm working on is here in the portfolio section:




      The image is scrolling but the buttons are locked in one position. Any help on making the buttons scroll with the image would be appreciated.

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          acath Level 4

          I don't see any buttons. Where are the buttons?



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            trancepriest Level 1



            The buttons are in the portfolio section on the scrolling image. The area with the rectangular highlight stuck in place is where the buttons are. Basically I want the image to scroll and the button to be anchored to the scrolling image. So placed 3 rectangular buttons on the image inside of Catalyst and all I'm seeing is one locked rectangular box that doesn't move with the scrolled image.

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              Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

              Hi trancepriest,


              Can you give us some additional info on how you've structured your Catalyst project?  The scrolling area is a Data List, I assume.  If you double-click to edit the list and then double-click again to edit the Repeated Item, what do you see?  If you place both an image and your row of buttons inside here, then each image and its corresponding buttons should scroll in lockstep together.


              Or do you only want one set of buttons total, not one per image?  If so, I'm confused about the behavior you're looking for -- if the buttons are not associated with any one specific image, which image would they sit on top of / next to?


              - Peter