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    How to control width of Design pod in RH8?

    James K. Patrick Level 1

      Hi all,


      This is just a UI annoyance, but I'd like to get around it. I'm working in RH8.


      When I'm in the Design/HTML pod, the ruler across the top of the pod extends beyond the right margin. Consequently, a scroll bar appears across the bottom of the pod.


      When working in the pod, entering long lines of text causes the window to scroll left and right automatically, and I can't see the entire line of text I've entered.


      Increasing/decreasing the width of the pod doesn't change this behavior - the ruler across the top scales with the pod size. Moving the right margin/tab marker doesn't help either.


      Is there any way to control the pod width so I can see a full line of text w/out a scroll bar at the bottom? I'm guessing it's something easy - just haven't found it yet.


      Thanks all,