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    How do I Mute Flash?


      How do I mute Flash? I wish there were just a [_] Mute check box in the "Settings..." options when I right-click inside a Flash window. I stay in a Flash chat room all day, but there are annoying sounds from it, and there are no options in the program itself to Mute or decrease Volume. I can't just decrease the Volume from the task bar's Volume Control because I use the Volume for music. I already tested the different volume bars to see if one bar mutes Flash while not muting the regular Volume, but unfortunately the same bar controls both. How do I mute Flash? I'll take whatever possibilities there may be, such as installing some other add-on/plug-in, whether it involves an internal or external control. Anything to mute or decrease Flash volume while not affecting regular volume. Note that I'm not refering to Flash site development, I'm only a Flash game user.


      Thank you