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    Centering Popup relative to Browser

    Pradeep Balakrishnan

      Hi All,


           My Flex application is within a iframe. The iframe is within a html page, which has header and footer.

      When the popup opens in flex application, i able to make it center to the Flex application (iframe).


      I wanted to make the popup, center to the html page (means center to the browser.)



      Thanks and Regards,


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          _Natasha_ Level 4



          of corce you can do it.

          You can get width and height of the browser using ExternalInterface (calling JS functions from Flex). After that you calculate the coordinates for your popup and set x and y properties for it.


          But you showld understand that you can only show this window inside your frame. And if your frame don't on the center, you cann't see your popup.