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    presets in CS3

    mentalcase129 Level 1

      So I've used Premiere a lot in the passed but I was using an older version and only just recently got up to CS3 and am still trying to figure out all the changes.  I'm doing a cartoon in Flash but I'm using Premiere to cut all the scenes together and I'm having trouble getting the project settings that I need.  My video is 1280 x 720 and 24fps.  But there is no preset that matches this.  All the presets for that frame size have the wrong frame rate and vice versa.  In the older version that I'm more used to I was able to make up my own project settings and even edit them once the project was started.  As far as I can tell in CS3 though that's not an option and I'm stuck with the presets or nothing.  I find it very hard to believe though that I'm right about that.

      Does anybody know how I can get the settings I need?  There has to be a way right?

      thanks in advance