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    Using flash debugger player with Flex application


      I am building my first Flex app and have run into a problem that I can't figure out.  When publishing a .swf in Flash I sometimes run the debugger to generate the swf.  When I do so, I can view the swf through my browser (using the debugger version of flash player) and the exceptions that are thrown include a stack trace (complete with line numbers) of any error that occurred.  I have tried running the debug compiled version of my swf from Flex and it does not show the line numbers.


      Is there some way to do this?  I have several thousand lines and the location of the error is tough to figure out becuase it is an instance where I am casting an event to the wrong type through my typed params for a function.  So, for example, I am dispatching a MouseEvent but the listener function has a typed parameter of Event instead.


      Can someone please point me in the right direction?