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    Best way to edit a DVD?

    naartjie gello Level 1

      Hi. I am organising a screening of a movie premiere next week and there are a lot of kids in the audience. I watched a preview and there are quite a few f&%ks in the dialogue. It's too late for the distributor to send out a 'fixed' copy of the DVD. What would be the best way to place 'bleeps' over the swearing? I'm thinking of ripping the DVD to avi or mp4 then editing in premiere and exporting. Any comments or better ideas?

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Find a program that lets you rip the DVD into elementary streams (an M2V video file and either an AC3 or WAV audio file); I won't tell you where to find the program or how to do it, since that's technically illegal. A Google search is going to turn up gobs of content though.


          If the audio is AC3, you'll probably have to convert the audio to a WAV file, or find a program that lets you edit AC3. The freely available Audacity with the FFmpeg import libraries will import AC3 files, and allow you to edit them. Once you get the audio into a compatible program, simply edit out the choice verbiage. When done, export either a WAV file (16-bit, 48kHz, stereo) or if you can, export to AC3. Just be sure not to change the length/duration of the file.


          When you're done, import the original M2V file and the edited WAV/AC3 file into a DVD authoring program; I'm assuming you have Encore and that'll work just fine. Create a new timeline with the video and audio, and burn a new DVD. There: you didn't have to do any crazy quality-diminishing conversions on the video, and you only have to worry about editing the audio. Everything will stay in sync, as long as you don't change the duration of the audio track.

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            naartjie gello Level 1

            Thanks for the advice Colin, much appreciated. As you said, gobs of content from Google.


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              naartjie gello Level 1

              Hi Colin,

              Sorry to bug you and I know this shouldn't even be in the PPro forum. I found a good ripper, and ripped the DVD to M2V and AC3. Encore CS4 seems to have a problem importing the file - lots of disk activity for ages and then ends up with 24 seconds of the movie. This is from a 4GB M2V. Is there an import file size limit to Encore? Maybe I'll try with smaller chunks...

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                naartjie gello Level 1

                Sorry, ignore that last question...I read the Encore FAQ

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                  Colin Brougham Level 6

                  No, it's not a filesize issue--Encore wouldn't be of much use if it couldn't import M2V files that would fill a DVD to capacity. Dimes to doughnuts, the timestamps on the M2V stream are broken/incorrect. This is pretty common with ripped DVDs, especially those burned on standalone recorders (or so has been my experience). Fortunately, there's a pretty easy fix:


                  1. Download the free program ReStream; it's a small zip file with no installer. Open the archive, and extract the contents. You might want to put it in a folder in your Program Files directory if you see doing this sort of thing again.
                  2. Launch the program, and load up your source M2V file. Set/change the following options as indicated in this screenshot:
                  3. Save the file with a new filename; by default the program names the output file "XYZ.0.m2v". It won't change your original file, but will write a new copy.
                  4. When the write process is complete, try importing that into Encore, and see if you get the full duration of the file.


                  Post back if that doesn't do the trick; might have another thing to try, but I'm willing to bet this is the problem. Good luck!