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    Cannot Install

    Carrol Ray

      I am trying to install onto an intel MacBook Pro but I get the message that this software can only be installed on an intel computer and it is an intel.


      I have downloaded and tried several times - could it be a snow leopard issue÷

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          Hi Carrol,


          This does not seems to be a snow leopard issue.

          Could you please post the exact error message that you are getting.


          Also please post the system configuration of your machine.

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            Carrol Ray Level 1

            I am using a new 15 inch MacBookPro -

            OS - 10.6.1

            3.06 Intel Cure 2 Duo

            4gb memory - 250 gb solid state drive

            Running in 64 bit mode


            I go to the Adobe website - then to the Digital Edition page and click on

            the launch icon which downloads the installer which starts the download.


            Then a window pops up which says"  Adobe Digital Editions can't be installed

            on this computer.  This installation will only work with intel based macs."

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              repandey Level 1

              Hi Carrol,


              Please try installing Digital editions from the following link:




              Download and install the Stand alone installer and let us know if this helped or not.

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                Carrol Ray Level 1

                Tried your suggestion and it still displays the same message.


                I am going to stop wasting may time on this product.


                Thanks for your help.

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                  Carrol Ray Level 1

                  I tried one more thing - I booted into 32 bit mode instead of 64 bit mode and I was able to install the software.


                  So - it seems that if you boot into 64 bit mode, there is some kind of an issue.

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                    I've just dealt with a customer with exactly the same problem - Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard on an iMac which is running in 64-bit mode by default, installing under 32-bit mode works but means that the customer has to reboot in order to read ebooks as they use a number of 64-bit applications. Having a better error message would be a start (ie state that the installer doesn't support 64-bit rather than saying that it requires an Intel processor when the machine does have an Intel processor!), but is there any news on a possible update to support 64-bit installation?