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    Flex 3 / Coldfusion 8 Problem with Numbers

    UberError Level 1

      We recently migrated from coldfusion 7 to coldfusion 8. One of our reporting flex apps takes the returned results of a cfc query and adds up a column in that ArrayCollection. It worked on coldfusion 7, but now, in coldfusion 8, it sees that column as a string instead of a number, which is causing NaN errors on negative values. Its a numeric(12,2) NOT NULL in the database. It works in Flex when I cast it as a Number(var) but I'd hate to do that in all of our projects... has anyone ran into this problem?


      I posted this same question here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1429164/flex-3-coldfusion-8-problem-with-numbers  ... apparently I'm not the only one having this problem.