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    Flex ide and the usage of main.mxml

    DennisTh Level 1

      Dear all


      I am new to Flex ide, so I want some help about how to design. I am reading the Essential ActionScript 3.0. of Moock that doesn’t explain the Flex ide, so I know (till now) only programmatic issues.


      Question 1: Creating a new Project, the Flex creates an main mxml. How may I implement some event here? For i.e. how may I implement the MouseEvent.CLICK of the TextField component (create Listeners, adding them in TextField and so on)?


      Question 2: Suppose that I want to implement a graphic class (Sprite descendent), where I will call it later on runtime. May I use the Flex ide to design my class instead to type all design stuff by typing code? I am coming from visual studio environment, where you can design your "display container" (they have "forms" at vs) and the vs ide implements under the hood the source code with “new” statements, setting up values on properties and so on. So you can open this code (it is a specific file) and edit additionally. So, may I use the Flex ide to design my new graphic classes?


      Question 3: In general, which is the usage of the main.mxml that contains design information?


      Take care!