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    A question regarding using Myriad Pro as a web font...

    Digital Sky Design Level 1

      Okay so this is a pretty straight forward question (I think)...


      I've been using sIFR to replace many of the typical web fonts on the sites I build since much like everyone else I'm sick of being restricted to using only certain fonts.


      Myriad Pro is one of the many fonts I really like for building websites. I discovered recently by accident that Myriad Pro (and a few other variants in the Myriad Pro family) are part of Adobe Reader. This means that ANYONE who downloads Adobe Reader has Myriad Pro installed on their system and probably doesn't even realize it.


      Having discovered this it has come to my attention that there is a decent possibility I could use CSS and have Myriad Pro as a web font without even having to render it using sIFR. The problem is that anyone who doesn't have Adobe Reader installed wouldn't see the nice Myriad font.


      So my question is what do all of you guys think about this? Does anyone have any actual numbers in regards to how many people actually have Adobe Reader? If it was a higher percentage like 90% then I think this would be a safe solution.