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    partially visible flash object does not start




      we have built a flash component using Flex and when we go to the webpage with it embedded, any flash content that is not fully visible does not start.


      What could cause this kind of behaviour and is it something inherent in the Flash 10 plugin? Is it something that can be adjusted within the Flex code?


      So, to be more clear


      - flash video player is 1000 x 768

      - web page has the flash object embedded

      - browser is open at say 800 x 600


      the flash video player will not start... but if we scroll down a bit -- until the video player is fully shown -- then it starts.


      - same flash object

      - browser is open at say 1600x1024


      the flash object starts right away.


      (left and right visibility doesn't matter, but up and down does).


      Any thoughts appreciated.