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    RoboHelp vs ePublisher


      Looking at either of these tools.  I like RoboHelp, use it a lot, can't seem to find a lot of information (especially cost) when it comes to ePublisher. Last time I used this was when it was WebWorks for Word and FrameMaker.


      What is the good, the bad and the ugly of each tool?

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          Hi MEP63 and welcome to the RH community.


          You may be better placed to look at the HAT Matrix which you can use to compare products. As far as what is good or bad about RH, persoanally I've found it to be an excellent product for over 10 years and is my HAT of choice. Is it right for you? That depends. The best way to answer this is to download trials of the products and test away with some existing and new projects.


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