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    director on mac - some thoughts

    Tols (UK) Level 1

      For those that use director on a mac, does anyone concur with any of the points below


      1. Director 'quits unexpectedly' quite often, particularly with misplaced clicks around the UI - workaround: save often!
      2. Director is prone to quitting unexpectedly or freezing when saving from the file menu (particularly movies with a few full casts) - workaround: type 'savemovie' from the message window (that works fine)
      3. When you have a movie open and you want to open another movie, Director is prone to quitting unexpectedly - workaround: do command N to create a new movie first.


      I'm using Dir 11.5 (hotfixed) on Mac OS 10.6 but these problems go way back. Because of these things I've generally stuck to using Director on Windows (which is more or less Bulletproof except for the odd fatal error) but now I've had to use the Mac so luckily the workarounds do the job.


      So.... is it just me and my movies?