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    Get up to speed with CSS layouts

    Jon Michael Varese

      The documentation team at Adobe gets a lot (and I mean A LOT) of queries about CSS layouts -- what are they, how do they work, where do I go to start? So I've put together a list of some of the best resources out there in the hopes of spreading the educational word. For those of you who blog, write, or tweet about this issue, please publicize these resources as much as possible so that more people can find them. Also feel free to add to this list if you think there are any resources that I've missed.


      From table-based to tableless web design (ADOBE)

      Popular two-part tutorial series on building a CSS layout from scratch, and converting table-based layouts to pure CSS.


      CSS page layout basics (ADOBE)

      Explanation of a basic CSS layout that breaks down the structure and rules that create the layout.


      Creating a CSS layout from scratch (SUBCIDE) An older but still quite useful step-by-step tutorial on creating a CSS layout.


      Building your first CSS site (ADOBE) Steps beginners through the process of defining structural elements and then styling them.


      Tableless layouts with Dreamweaver CS4 (ADOBE) Shows you how to create a simple two-column CSS layout.


      Creating a simple three-column design (ADOBE) Shows you how to build a three-column design, including using the "faux column" technique


      Dreamweaver CSS starter layouts (ADOBE) An article written for Dreamweaver CS3, but still useful as the starter layouts did not change in CS4.


      Create a page with a CSS layout (ADOBE) The Dreamweaver CS4 Help doc equivalent to the above starter layouts article.


      CSS layout (HTML SOURCE) A popular article describing many of the most common terms and principles used for CSS layouts.


      In Search of the Holy Grail (A LIST APART) Elegant article on creating the "holy grail" of CSS layouts: the three-column, fixed-width sidebars, liquid center.