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    Issue loading XML file with URL variable e.g. http://www.website.com/dealer.xml?n=2345


      Hi All,


      I'm having an issue with loading an xml file which has a URL variable - e.g. http://www.website.com/xml/dealer.xml?n=2345


      The problem is that the file isn't loading on Safari (or IE 6 but that isn't really an issue for us) - but is loading fine on all the other browsers.


      The reason we are adding a URL string is to ensure that the XML file loaded is the latest version. We are having issues with flash loading the cached XML file (therefor showing to old data to users who revisit the site) - despite the new xml file being updated.


      Here is the code i'm using to generate the URL variable.


      var randomNUM = ("?n=" + random (9999));
      dealers_xml.load("xml/dealer.xml" + randomNUM);


      Thanks in Advace.