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    PSD Import Issues

    amozzah Level 1

      I'm having trouble importing an 8-bit/RGB PSD file with 4 layers. One layer is a Smart Object, two are text layers, and the other is a standard image layer. When I tried to import this from the welcome screen using the default settings, Smart Object layer did not import. I rasterized the Smart Object back in PS, then tried again and now none of the layers import.


      I tried saving the image as a new file and rasterizing all of the layers and reimporting, but still none of the layers import. I even flattened the image and noting is imported. Each time, the dialog states the layers are empty.


      I tried a few other PSD files, and it seems that only text layers will import.


      Am I missing something?


      I'm using XP on a Core 2 1.86Ghz with 2 GB RAM