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    data binding through lazy loading is creating a problem


      Hi there,


      I am facing a really frustrating problem due to lazy loading.


      Actually, in my application, there is datagrid, whose data is being fetched through lazy loading.


      This datagrid is using Label for its first column through itemRenderer. And, I have used BindingUtils.bindProperty to bind data to this label.


      But, the problem is, not everytime, data is loaded into this label. I mean, sometimes, it works fine when lazy loading fetches data a little early and sometimes, it doesn't show any data in the label when lazy loading is fetching data a little later.


      I hope, I've made my point clear.


      Guys, I've been struggling to find a solution to this problem. I used many work-arounds but I haven't yet got the root cause of this problem.


      Can anybody suggest what could be the problem OR how it should be rectified?


      Thanks in advance!