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    Urgent Flash help needed; Using Movie Clip Objects




      I am currently trying to design a small flash movie.


      I have a "Movie Clip" object (a short animation) that i wish to act like a static object until a certain frame on the main Timeline.


      Then i want it to play out, at it's own pace, just like normal, until it finishes (no looping)...


      What do i need to put into, and where do i put it?



      So in short, frame 30 of the main animation triggers the clip, whilst the main animation still runs...


      I know very, very minimal AS3... so please, can someone help me?


      A lot of solutions suggest a button, but I don't want to use a button, as it's not interactive - just a movie.


      i just want the damn movie clip to play in the damn movie when it reaches frame 30! it shouldn't be that hard..

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's easier than swearing about it.  Put a stop() command in the first frame of the short clip so that it will sit static until it is told to play.  Give the short clip an instance name after you have placed it in the timeline (instance names are assigned in the properties panel), let's say you call it "shortClip".  In a keyframe at frame 30 of the main timeline add the following bit of code...



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            Rothrock Level 5

            There is most likely no need for any code. And most likely no need for a movieclip even.


            It sounds like you would need a graphic symbol. (You can convert it in the library or you can just change the instance you have placed on stage.)


            First select the symbol on its first keyframe and on the properties panel select the looping options and tell it single frame, first 1.


            Then move along your timeline to where you want the animation to start playing. Add a keyframe. Now select Once, first 1.


            Now it will start playing, you will be able to see it play as you scrub the timeline.


            If you use movieclips and code for this, you won't be able to see them play together as you scrub the timeline.