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    Email Endpoint always sends error message to sender

    tgoodmannz_bss Level 1

      I have created a Process  that is invoked by an e-mail end point.  It is supposed to update a database (which is an ODBC connection to an Access database).  Then it sends an e-mail response (from within the process) using SMTP using a "Send with Document" activity


      The process is working – the problem I have is that Livecycle always sends an error response by e-mail – even when the process has worked successfully.


      There are no errors in the server.log ...


      I am using Livecycle ES1 (Jboss - turnkey) - but I have not installed any service packs.


      I really need to stop these error e-mails.  I have tried setting the error response to blank or a different e-mail address (in the Admin UI End point settings) - it still sends an error e-mail back to the sender.....


      Any ideas?